Addendum to Diarrhea

A friend, today, offered me money so that I could buy a pair of new yoga pants as she was under the impression, that since I did not throw the pair out (see “Diarrhea”) that was soiled, it was a monetary issue. How sweet is that? When she said this, I laughed and said, “Girl, do you know how hard it is for a big girl to find a good pair of yoga pants?” For my readers who are not aware…it’s hard. Damn hard! In fact, no matter what the clothing item, when it’s cute, you don’t want to lose it. Ever! In fact, I have some things from the 80s in my closet that were cute then and are still cute on me today. Seriously! This is an important matter for a chunky girl.

The other inquiry I had was about yoga. LOL! I do NOT go to yoga! Okay, just because I wear yoga pants does not mean I actually attend a class or sprawl out on my living room floor to pretend I am a dog or a lion. I’m not even sure those are things yoga people do! So why do I own yoga pants? Because they are so comfy and they look adorable on me with my Dansko clogs! Lawd! Simple as that.

5 thoughts on “Addendum to Diarrhea

  1. This is fun but let’s dive deeper into the importance of finding those said perfect clothing items and how we will purchase them repeatedly and in multiple colors! We are achiever shoppers. It’s a real shopper personality type!

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