Art Attack!

My daughter introduced me to a new Google site that has me very intrigued. In fact, I probably spent several hours last night partaking in this new phenomenon–the Google Arts and Culture app.

The night was reminiscent of the time my daughter guided me through making a Bitmoji of myself which went on until the wee hours. If you haven’t tried this, you really should, especially if you like to find things to do that are completely mindless and enable your avoidance issues to their fullest. (Sidebar: A Bitmoji is a cartoon caricature of yourself that you create through a series of options that include face shape, body type, hair color, and style, etc. The wardrobe options can eat loads of time up and interfere with any downtime you might have in the near future.) Don’t want to exercise? Just click on your Bitmoji and change your outfit to something appropriate for that day’s weather. Don’t want to clean the kitchen? Change your hairstyle! There are so many options, but, no matter how much joy my cartoon-self has given me, none of that can live up to the refinement I feel over this new Google app.

Google Arts and Culture is an app that clearly has a truer purpose than the one I have given it. Sure, it encourages the appreciation of artists and their works, new and old, and it even takes you on virtual tours of museums and more. However, for me, being the mother of a sixteen-year-old who is privy to these things, it does this: It has a tool that takes your picture and matches it to thousands of works of art to find your match.  This is not only another activity to obsess over so that you don’t have to do all those other things that really matter, but it also can be a great way to question yourself, your appearance, identity, and, possibly, the Great Masters themselves.

Needless to say, I have done all of the above since last night, and, unfortunately, I did this while I was bone tired from taking my son back to college. (note to self: Never do anything that could affect your self-esteem after you have seen the state of your son’s dorm room.) The results range from disturbing, questionable (of the accuracy of the app), and downright hysterical. I apparently look like a nun, several young women from the 19th century, and a few gentlemen…with mustaches!!  UNBELIEVABLE! See for yourself. (And before you ask: I was under no influence during this time but exhaustion.)



Not too bad. I look like the artist’s wife. I’ll take it.


Hmm…yes, still sober. The one in the hat looks like me watching kids on the playground during recess–so earnest!


No matter how hard my daughter and I tried, things just got worse from here.


Don’t say a word.


Okay, for the record, I think I could be related to King Charles, ll. This resemblance clearly makes sense. (Cough. Cough.)


Now, here is when I did finally partake in a little glass of wine.


Seriously?? Way to make a girl feel awful.


But then, I found the perfect one, and this was not by selfie, mind you, but by using my artistic eye to really identify with a work…minus the grapefruit slices. And, honestly, by the end of all of this last night, the look on this woman’s face says it all.  I love it!




Five stars!

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